D.C. Assistance Program Down Payment Assistance Expert Advise

We are not currently participating in HPAP.  Please consult with HPAP for a participating lender list.

The Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP) is available to qualified applicants purchasing a primary residence in the District of Columbia.  HPAP offers down payment assistance ranging from $16,000 to as high as $80,000 to qualified applicants.

Applicants must qualify based on several factors, including household size and total household income.  Current District of Columbia residents who apply will be giving priority over applicants who are not.

Repayment of the assistance loan is deferred for the first five years and then repaid interest free for the remaining 40 years.  Example:  A $32,000 assistance loan would be repaid at a fixed monthly amount of $66.66/month, principal-only payments over 40 years.

The entire amount of the loan is due if the home is sold, the first mortgage is refinanced (except under special circumstances) or the property ceases to be the borrowers primary residence.


HPAP assistance loan eligibility requirements:

  • First time home buyer (not owning real estate for the previous 3 years)
  • Meet income eligibility requirements
  • Purchasing home in District of Columbia
  • Must be purchasing a primary residence
  • Must have good credit rating/history
  • Must contribute $500 or 50% of liquid assets greater than $3,000 (whichever is greater)

In addition to the HPAP assistance loan, a $4,000 closing cost grant is also available to eligible HPAP applicants.  The total HPAP assistance loan and closing cost grant will be confirmed at the time of HPAP application approval.

Employer-Assisted Housing Program (EAHP):

The employer assisted housing program (EAHP) is available to applicants currently employed by the District of Columbia government.   Applicants may be eligible for a $1500 grant as well as an additional $10,000 deferred loan.

HPAP application required documentation:

Be sure you have access to the following documents to expedite your HPAP application and approval.

  • Signed application
  • Two most recent pay stubs for all applicants (ALL JOBS)
  • Last 60 days bank statements for ALL ACCOUNTS
  • Most recent 3-Years federal tax returns for all adults
  • Most recent 3-Years W-2fs for all adults
  • Most recent 2-Years District tax returns for all adults
  • Credit report not older than 90 days/Request for credit report
  • Signed Rental Verification Form
  • DC lease
  • Statement of Authenticity of All Tax Returns
  • Supplemental Income award letters (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Copy of driver’s license or identification card for all applicants
  • Divorce decree, 3 child support pay stubs and court order (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Notarized gift letter and two bank statements for donor (IF APPLICABLE)
  • If Self-Employed, 3-years federal tax returns, YTD Profit and Loss Statement
  • First Right Notice from landlord (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Letter explaining employment gaps (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Birth certificates for all dependents (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Written explanation of any credit problems (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Ratified Sales Contract (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Signed Authorization to Release Information to Non-Profit Developers
  • Signed Authorization to Release Information for Applicants


For additional information and to APPLY for HPAP/EAHP, please visit the DC Department of Housing & Community Development website.


Apply HERE.