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We take a very consultative approach with every client to ensure that this new mortgage fits within their short and long-term financial goals.
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One Size Does Not Fit All

Main Street Home Loans was founded on the philosophy that “One size does NOT fit all.”   Especially when it comes to your home.   We take a very consultative approach with every client to ensure that this new mortgage fits within their short- and long-term financial goals.   Each of our Home Loan Consultants understand the importance of this major financial decision and are trained to help our clients navigate through the countless home loan products in order to place them in the home loan that’s right for them.  We are honored to be with you on your journey from Main Street to Your Street.
Main Street Home Loans is a Division of NFM Lending.  NFM Lending is a licensed, direct, full service residential lender.  We process, underwrite, approve and fund all of our loans and this all happens locally.
Our mission is to create a superior work life for our employees and their families, a custom and precise home loan experience for those who entrust us with the financing of their homes, and to provide unequaled  partnership with referral partners who rely on us to provide best in class service to our mutual clients.

How We Compare

A home purchase is likely the largest financial decision you will ever make, so just make sure that you choose the right lender for the job. Not all lenders are created equal, so do you your homework early and choose your lender before you start searching for homes. Once you have a reliable lender who has completed your pre-qualification and has talked you through the entire process up front, you can feel confident when the time comes to purchase your new home.
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Many big banks and internet lenders outsource their appraisals to the lowest bidder (many times it’s an appraiser who does not know the area). This can lead to issues in value when poor comps are used to determine value.

Big banks process, underwrite and fund their own loans, but all those steps may take place in other parts of the county. Many internet lenders send their loan files out to bigger banks for processing, underwriting and funding. The bank could be anywhere in the country, even in another time zone.  This could be problematic for customers on strict closing schedules.

Out of state internet lenders or big banks may not know about local home buyer credits, local title related costs or other local customary transaction details.  Their mistakes could cost you more in the end.

Many big banks or out of state internet lenders may only have an 1-800 number, or may only be available Mon-Fri, 9-5.  We know that business happens on nights and weekends and we are ready to take your calls and answer your emails when you need us the most.

Many big banks and internet lenders are so overwhelmed with refinances that they cannot get loans approved in time to meet contract contingencies or close your loan on time.  Since most internet lenders are out of state, it may be tough to even get timely status updates on your loan during the process, which can add stress to your purchase experience.

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