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Beginning January 2020, loan limit changes are happening! The maximum loan limit, starting January 2020, will be $1,500,000 across the country (no longer State or County specific). *Borrowers with partial VA Eligibility will want to review with me the amount they can purchase with no money down*

This is a great opportunity for our Veterans to purchase with no money down without county to county loan amount limits.

Additional changes to VA home loans:

The Funding Fee amounts for VA Purchase and Refinance transactions will increase for loans closing on or after January 1, 2020. The table below outlines these changes.

Our Veterans and active duty Americans are some of our most important clients.  We strive to look out for them financially as they look out for all of us, every day.  When there are changes to the VA mortgage program we need to convey this information to our Veterans and active duty military as soon as possible.  Please share.

The VA Circular 26-10-23 details the changes.



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**disabled veterans exempt from funding fees**