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DC Tax Abatement Program

Eligible home buyers will be exempt from paying property taxes for the first five years.  The five-year period Tax Abatement begins on October 1, after the deed has been recorded and a complete application has been submitted.

Eligible home buyers will also be exempt from paying recordation taxes and will also receive a credit from the seller for their portion of the transfer taxes.  Transfer & recordation taxes in Washington D.C. are 2.2% (split evenly between buyer and seller typically) for sales prices lower than $400,000 and 2.9% for sales prices of $400,000 or greater.

Minimum home owner requirements:

  • The property must be owner-occupied;
  • The owner must meet the income level requirement; and
  • Maximum sales price limit is $439,160

Current total household income limits apply to all those living in the property.

Household:   Income Limit:

1                       $58,980

2                      $67,380

3                      $75,780

4                      $84,180

5                      $90,960

6                      $97,680

7                     $104,400

8                     $111,120

This information can change annually.

For more information, you may contact the Office of Tax & Revenue at 202-727-4829, 202-442-6712 or 202-442-6644.

For a copy of the latest abatement regulations and application click HERE.


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